What People Are Saying About Made In Venice
  • C.R. Stecyk III

    Dogtown godfather, legendary artist, author/photographer of “The Dogtown Chronicles”

    “Made In Venice is a step by step manifesto for skate/civic activism. It is a remarkable documentation of hard working visionary individuals transforming society.”

  • Jesse Martinez

    Skateboarding legend and street skating pioneer

    “Go and see the Made In Venice movie. It’s got a great story and you’ll learn a lot about skateboarding. Support skateboarding worldwide.”

  • Jake Phelps

    Editor-In-Chief, Thrasher Magazine

    “Jesse Martinez has been in the game for a long time. Peep the vid of the Venice scene and the influence they had on the skateboard world. When Jesse talks, you listen and he has a Thrasher tatt. A true lifer gets it on wax for all to see. Check it!

  • Christian Hosoi

    Professional skateboarder, Skate Icon

    “Venice is a place where respect is earned! Jesse Martinez epitomizes that statement. Made in Venice documents the lives of those who fight for their community and the cause to make a way for future generations of skateboarders. Fight for your dreams and they will become a reality!!!

  • Jeff Ho

    Founder of the Z-Boys & Zephyr Shop

    “Made in Venice is a must-see documentary. Skateparks are a vital part of the evolution of skateboarding culture, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.”

  • Eric “Tuma” Britton

    Skateboarding legend / skate instructor

    “You should go see this movie if you’re trying to get a skatepark built in your town because it shows what a community can do when they really get together and work towards something they want that would also benefit the community as a whole, especially the kids. Isn’t that what it’s about?”

  • Jim Murphy

    Stronghold Society, Wounded Knee Skateboards

    “Going to see Made in Venice brings my generation of skaters full circle from the days when the Dogtown scene influenced us in the ’70’s!”

  • Dave Duncan

    Skateboarding legend

    “Made in Venice is an inspirational story for any skateboarder to never give up. People don’t understand what it takes to get a skatepark built and Made In Venice tells that story.

  • Eddie Reategui

    Skateboarding legend

    “Being a ramp builder, I know the struggles of cutting through the red tape to get a skatepark built. The Made in Venice movie was an amazing journey and I loved it.”

  • Lou Metal

    Metal Skateboards

    “An epic tale of what people will do for the love of skateboarding.”

  • Steve Olson

    Skateboarding pioneer

    “Inspiring! Now f**king go skateboarding.”

  • Wes Humpston

    Dogtown skate Art icon

    “Made In Venice tells you the history of Venice skating. I dug the movie. It had a lot of really cool history that I didn’t know before. I used to watch those guys skate at the Pavilion. I was stoked to see all that.”

  • Derek Rinaldi

    Skate Asbury

    “Made in Venice celebrates the hard work and countless hours that it takes to not just build a skatepark but to build a skate community.”

  • Susanne Melanie Berry

    Venice surfer, artist, skatepark advocate

    “When a community comes together, when different people step up to the plate as needed, when we don’t give up or give in, we get some shit done.”

  • Tony Hawk Foundation

    Skateboarding Legend / Skatepark Activist

    “Made in Venice – The Movie is a story about skatepark advocacy in one of the most colorful places on the planet. Check it out!”