What the media and skateboard community are saying about Made In Venice

What the media and skateboard community are saying about Made In Venice0


"Made In Venice is a step by step manifesto for skate/civic activism. It is a remarkable documentation of hard working visionary individuals transforming society." - C.R. Stecyk III - Dogtown godfather


“Go and see the Made In Venice movie. It’s got a great story and you’ll learn a lot about skateboarding. Support skateboarding worldwide.” - Jesse Martinez - skateboarding legend and street skating pioneer


“Through sheer perseverance, anything is possible.” - Jake Phelps Thrasher Magazine



“Made in Venice is a must-see documentary. Skateparks are a vital part of the evolution of skateboarding culture, which has become a worldwide phenomenon.” - Jeff Ho – founder of the Z-Boys & Zephyr Shop


“You should go see this movie if you’re trying to get a skatepark built in your town because it shows what a community can do when they really get together and work towards something they want that would also benefit the community as a whole, especially the kids. Isn’t that what it’s about?” - Eric “Tuma” Britton - skateboarding legend


“Going to see Made in Venice brings my generation of skaters full circle from the days when the Dogtown scene influenced us in the '70’s! - Jim Murphy - Stronghold Society, Wounded Knee Skateboards



“Made in Venice is an inspirational story for any skateboarder to never give up. People don’t understand what it takes to get a skatepark built and Made In Venice tells that story. - Dave Duncan – skate legend



“Being a ramp builder, I know the struggles of cutting through red tape to get a skatepark built. The Made in Venice movie was an amazing journey and I loved It.” - Eddie Reategui - skateboarding legend



“Made in Venice - the movie - a must see! This film is an essential piece of history, acknowledging and paying tribute to the ground soldiers whose tireless efforts brought to fruition a skatepark on the sand that millions now enjoy.” - Alex Stowell - Venice Paparazzi



“An epic tale of what people will do for the love of skateboarding.” - Lou Metal - Metal Skateboards



“Made in Venice celebrates the hard work and countless hours that it takes to not just build a skatepark but to build a skate community.” - Derek Rinaldi - Skate Asbury, SkateDaily.net



“Made in Venice will help others prepare for all the bs surrounding government projects. Thanks for making this.” - NYSkateboarding.com



“Made In Venice tells you the history of Venice skating. I dug the movie. It had a lot of really cool history that I didn’t know before. I knew Jesse, but I didn’t know all the history that went down in the ‘80s in Venice. I used to watch those guys skate at the Pavilion. I’d see Jay, Ngoho, Natas, Aaron, Oster and Eric D, and there was a lot more going on that was in the movie that I didn’t know, which was cool. I was stoked to see all that. ” – Wes Humpston - Dogtown skate art icon